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Shade Sails are Australia’s new comfort from the heat, they provide you with the shade you seek to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and give your garden that high-end look, all at affordable rates. At Alcorp we manufacture all types of shade sails which are designed to please even the most discerning customers.

Only Alcorp

Shade sails help in cooling the outdoor areas and help maintain more comfortable indoor temperatures.  Installing one would help reduce your energy consumption leading to lower electricity bills. We are in this business for the last 15 years, and have thorough the years developed a reputation of providing quality products at the most competitive rates. We cater to both domestic as well as commercial markets. We can install these structures to cover areas around swimming pools, outdoor garden spaces, child care centres, schools, hotels, and many other areas.

Our Shade Solutions

As a leader in this industry supplying the design of our shade sails will surpass every expectation and please the most discerning eye. These installations are able to  weather all temperatures because we manufacture them to last, with:

  • High grade commercial shade cloth
  • 100% waterproof PVC high tensile structures
  • 99% Ultra Violet protection
  • Powder-coated galvanised steel poles
  • Marine grade fittings
  • Custom and standard sizes
  • Wide range of colours for shade sails and structure
  • Designed to suit individual needs

Replacement Shades

We offer our customers a wide range of colours with a 96% shade factor and high UV protection of 97% block for sails. We guarantee you the best shade sails and structures. If you have older shade sails on your property that have got faded or are damaged in any way, we encourage you to take advantage of our services for replacement of sails and other canvas and acrylic covers.

We also recommend that you clean your shade sail occasionally with a mild washing liquid, using a soft scrubbing brush and water with a low pressure. Using high-pressure water and bleach is not advised which could lead to further fading.

Customised solutions

While all our products are simple yet stylish and can transform and change the look of your outdoor settings, you may want something a bit different altogether. There could be times when you want shade sails made to your specifications but are not too sure how to transform your idea into a reality. But this is one job you can leave to us.

We have the experience and employ professionals who pay attention to every little requirement you may have; they will find a solution to every problem and ensure you get the kind of installations you want. Our experts will work with you, so that the end design will be just as you imagined, perhaps better. Give us a call on 0411 638 993 to talk about the options or contact us  for a quote.  Remember at Alcorp, we are the specialists in Shade Sails Sydney, shade structures Sydney, outdoor structures, awnings and umbrellas.

Alcorp is a Australian owned company based in Sydney with over 15 years experience in providing quality services to the Domestic and Commercial industries. Our team have been servicing Sydney Greater area & have built a reputation as a leader in supplying of Outdoor Shade solutions

Our range of Shade Sails, Shade Structures Awnings and Umbrellas transform and add a dynamic
impact to outdoor settings, both domestic and commercial.  Remarkably simple, yet stylish, Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Awnings and Umbrellas are the ultimate solution in flexible protection.

Shade Sails are a new style of architecture.  It uses shade cloth and other fabrics cut
into shapes and attached to buildings, to enhance and expand living areas at amoderate cost. Developed in Australia 25 years ago, Shade Sails can be used invirtually any situation where protection from UV is required

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